Freitag, 30. April 2010

Columbia Country Caravan - Audition Show (May 4, 1951)

1) Lefty sings "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time", and afterwards sings a "special new verse" about the Columbia Country Caravan on CBS.

2) Billy Walker sings "Beautiful Brown Eyes" with some cowboy harmonizing behind him.

3) Leroy Jenkins (obviously not the avant-garde jazz violinist Leroy Jenkins) sings "I'm Crying but Nobody Cares".

4) Toby Toliver does some corn-pone comedy.

5) The Light-Crust Doughboys do an instrumental with fiddle and mandolin breaks (plus atmospheric pedal steel in the background the whole time, except when the steel takes a solo).

6) Lefty comes back and sings "I Want to Be with You Always" (as good as his Columbia studio version!)

7) Ray Price sings Frizell's "If You're Ever Lonely Darlin'"

8) Betty Johnson takes it out with the hymn "An Evening Prayer".