Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Jason Lee Wilson - new killer album - Big Gun

1. All I Need Is Your Love
2. Big Gun
3. Heart Like Mine
4. Joke's On Me
5. Don't Sell Your Soul
6. From Lynchburg to Nashville
7. For Lovin' Me (That's What you Get)
8. See The Big Man Cry
9. Smokehouse
10. Sometimes You Win
11. Gear Up Daddy
12. Don't Knock What You Don't Understand
13. Great and Marvelous
14. When I Get To Heaven
15. Wagon Wheel

A song by Jason Lee Wilson is an empassioned epic in essence, piercing and at times somber but eternally honest. It's songs like these that Jason Lee Wilson presents in this brand-new collection. All have been carefully chosen and arranged to give you endless listening pleasure. Some are familar hits from the past, newly recorded by Jason as a sentimental offering, and few singers today are better qualified to give these songs that EXTRA SOMETHING that intensifies their appeal! Since his first release with Rhythm Bomb Records, Jason has been one of its major stars, singing his way into the affections of thousands of listeners! Consequently, in recognition of and with great appreciation, this new album is dedicated to YOU!